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January 10, 2010

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subconscious vs unconscious

  • January 10, 2010, 4:24pm

I came to this site looking to distinguish the terms subconscious from unconsious (as I found I had used the terms interchangeably in my writing and questioned my understanding of them). There is some great discussion here - so firstly I want to say than you everyone.

I am really interested in this field more from a neuroplasticity perspective as I am a coach. I work with people to help them understand how their 'unawareness' of their self limiting beliefs and inner critic (that voice that tells you you are constantly not good enough) impact to cause their lives to be a particular way (and they usually don't like theway their life is and want to change it).

I would appreciate the wise opinions of people who post here. Do you believe as a coach I am working with my clients' unconscious mind or what?

To provide an explanantion of how I work - I ask clients solutions focussed questions which encourages mindfullness and whole brain thinking. I keep people out of their worry mode thinking - and they have constant epiphanies about what they really want and what they need to do.

Often they get 'aha' moments when they realise something for the first time; but I also believe they have been thinking secretly about things which they feel safe to express out loud for the first time to a coach who will not judge them.

Cheers Kerene