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From about 1998 on, I looked for a name for the decade of 2000-2009. But I didn't find anything. I surmised it could be called the 2000's, the 00's, the ohs, the double-ohs, the oughts, the zeros, or something else similar. But it seemed like all the emphasis was on the turn of the millennium (and the century), and thus the decade, the 10-year period, was just kind of forgotten in all the millennial hoopla. I kind of favor the "oughts" myself. Anyone else hear or see anything on this?

rdsinclair July 19, 2010, 7:28am

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Yes, "twenty-ten" is the way to go, short, simple, easy, consistent. Just as we say "nineteen-ten" for 1910, or "nineteen-forty-one" for 1941, we will now say "twenty-whatever" for all the years of the 21st century.

rdsinclair January 10, 2010, 10:54am

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