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You should capitalize Heaven and Hell, just as you would capitalize the place names in other myths.

You wouldn't capitalize heavenly and hellish though.

tobomori08 October 22, 2009, 1:14pm

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Along with many others, I found this page while googling the origin of the phrase.

I had assumed it was another sitcom catchphrase, and was surprised to see the original question asked 3 years ago. Perhaps it's built slowly, or I keep my head in the sand (no television, avoid magazines, etc.).

Unfortunately it's one of those expressions that causes me to sigh and roll my eyes. It's a useless piece of meaningless speech, an attempt at being humorous without actually including humor. When I think of the possibilities we have with our individualism, our freedom of speech and relatively decent education, I'm left wondering why people continually strive to sound like everyone else, repeat catchphrases and drag in references when they want to seem funny.

The funniest people I know aren't the ones who quote and pass on funny things they've heard and seen elsewhere. The funny people are intellectual, original and imaginative. Following your words with "...just sayin" is the exact opposite.

tobomori08 October 22, 2009, 1:11pm

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