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I think your National Anthem is completely correct, because of the 'and'.

You could have "every creed FINDS an equal place" or 'every race FINDS an equal place", but add in the 'and' and you have
"every creed and race FIND an equal place".

And what lovely lyrics, anyway!


angela.lamont October 1, 2009, 4:35am

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Gosh - am I the only Brit here?

It is very difficult to describe how we pronounce 'aunt', because I'll write it my way and then you'll pronounce it your way and it still won't make sense! For example, I was confused by Michael saying it rhymed with 'flaunt', because it certainly doesn't when I say it, but I say 'flaunt' with an American accent it does! Genius, Michael!

So when I say 'aunt', it sounds like "aren't", but you have to do the Brit accent, too!

And if things like this entertain you, come on over to and have a look (in the next few weeks I'll be adding articles on how to talk like a Brit, including how to apologise like a Brit and how to swear like a Brit!


angela.lamont October 1, 2009, 4:25am

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