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Could be a slightly different dialect of English. I don't know enough about Trinidad's English! If it seems odd to you, though, since you've lived there long enough, perhaps you're right, and that it should be "finds".

Coming from my background, I consider the phrase "every creed and race" to be a title of a class or group, and should be treated like a singular noun. If I had free reign to rewrite it, I'd go with, "all creeds and races find," however.

Steven August 5, 2009, 3:47pm

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Generally I'd go with "anonymous people", "anonymous posters", "anonymous persons", and so on. If I was really intent on using a single word, probably specifically for the purpose of being silly or trying to emphasize informality, I'd go with "anonymouses".

On a side note, for M&Ms, I might actually say something like, "give me four green and five red," as a short form of, "give me four green ones, and five red ones." Then again, I often impose stricter grammar rules on myself than many people do, particularly on the internet. (And yes, I may have misused quotation marks here; I need to brush up on that)

Steven August 5, 2009, 3:39pm

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