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We have this problem all of the time, because we get no US Post Office delivery in our neighborhood. We are forced to have a PO Box.

Many web merchandiser software packages cannot deal with a 'PO Box ####' in the address area. One example is If you have a PO Box in your PayPal shipping address, their web merchandising system will puke over it. I had to create a new address entry at PayPal just for NewEgg purchases, which only has my street address. As soon as Newegg starts using the USPS for delivery, it'll be broken.

Likewise, if a shipper sends a package via USPS to my street address, and does not have the box number, the package will be returned to him as 'undeliverable'.

It's a pain in the rear. I wonder if I can get around this by submitting a change of address form with my street address as my old address, and my PO Box as my
new address?

Chris Shaker

cjshaker July 25, 2009, 2:26pm

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