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A friend of mine and i have been having a bit of a dispute about the proper usage of certain titles. If someone is refering to multiple computers, and the computer is a "Pentium II" i feel that you would refer to them as "Pentium IIs" in "Could you please move these Pentium II's to the other end of the room" he feels that it would be refered to as "Pentiums II" "Could you please move these Pentiums II to the other end of the room." Another example of this would be, 2 people working at blockbuster.....and one asks the other to move 10 copies of the movie saw IV to the other end of the store. My friend would argue that it would be proper to say "Could you please move the (saws IV) to the other end of the room".....i would say "could you please move the saw IVs to the other end of the room." this is absoultley killing me because i have no way of demonstrating that he is wrong and if i am wrong id like to be put down more expertly so that i stop freaking out about him correcting me.

mach309 May 29, 2009, 6:35pm

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