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May 26, 2009

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OK vs Okay

  • May 26, 2009, 5:09am

thanks all friends for your nice comments concerning about okay/ok.
western world always alleged that they made/invented/found everthing in the world.
but, in reality they took most of them from the east like "okay". the founder father of the modern turkey, Ataturk had used the word of "okay" withhout abbreviation(=ok).
however, most likely it should be used in ancient egypt and/or other places of the world. but the origin of the word exactly coming from turks. this word is 100 percent turkish. okay(comes from) = ok+ay
ok = arrow
ay = moon

In the ancient times turkish warriors had used arrows as first time in the world. moon(=ay) comes from target due to circle(=like target, imagine modern games). and they used the word okay(=arrow+moon) the target was hit/killed. In the late 16th centuries(=especially in the ottomans) had used this work exactly as okay, like everthing is perfect.

I can suggest here that if everyone want to know more about ok def should come to turkey and search for the archive of the ottomans in order to get/see the documents.