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In Psychology: Frontiers and Applications, some of Sigmund Freud's theories have been presented. One says, "The conscious mind consists of mental events that we are presently aware of. The preconscious contains memories, thoughts, feelings, and images that we are unaware of at the moment but that can be recalled." The preconscious consists of the facts that are not in awareness, but have been stored latently for use at another time. The unconscious captures information that the consciousness is unable to perceive and then shows itself when a person is in a state of unconsciousness such as dreaming. (3)
The preconscious and unconscious are almost like the left and right of the personality. What is in the preconscious can be made conscious at any moment; what is desired can be perceived to be. The unconscious takes information that it receives that it does not want to make appear in the present state of awareness and it pushes it down, like a guard for the mind.(5)
The unconscious is able to make transitions into the conscious, though, and this is how psychologists and scientists are able to be aware that it does in fact exist; impulses such as a slip of the tongue, dreams, or other hidden behaviors. When two people are arguing one person might let something slip out that they've held inside for so long. Psychoanalysts believe that such acts are results from "holes in our armor for conscious control and true feelings" (3).

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