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God! All you people are over-exagerating, you yanks just dont get English lol. Always hacking our language and claiming it for yourself. We stole our words from the rest of the world, and most English is a variant of French, since that literacy, at least anglo came about when the English reading, writing, and speech became common. And not just for the rich. exagerate as is to over-ephasise. lol and over-e xagerate as is to exagerate over emphasis.

For example, when exageration occurs in any context, then it is blowing the ephasis out of proportion, ie, im so hungry, i could eat a horse.

For example, when over-exageraton occurs the point has been lost and the subject has been blown out of proportion. ie, im so hungry, i could eat a horse, then a whale!

Exagerate does have boundaries. you can only exagerate so far, as to blow the whole thing out of proportion and then go on a tangent.

When you exagerate you are twisting the truth. you are hungry but could not possibly eat a horse. Therefore exagerated how hungry you are. any further from the point, is off the point, and the point has been lost, a boast becomes a lie. many people over-exagerate to tell a better story, such as the media, or chinese whispers.

To under=exagerate is to stay to the point, but make it seem further away, instead of distancing. ie, she has taken what I have said out of context and out of proportion, no i didnt, i was merely stating a fact.

Well im ten stone, no you are not you are fifteen, no you are not you are five!

In general conversation I have had sex with over fifty women, dont lie its no more than 25, well actually it was ten.

As men always over-exagerate, and women always under-exagerate how many people they have slept with.

richardsvallance March 25, 2009, 5:37pm

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