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March 24, 2009

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all _____ sudden

  • March 24, 2009, 7:06pm

im 16 and i dont know which one is the "correct phrase" but who really depends on how people interpret the phrase. i was just talking to my boyfriend and said "all of THE sudden" and he had the nerve to correct me. maybe the small percentage of people that say all of THE sudden are actually the ones using the phrase correctly. maybe the first time someone ever said the idiom, used THE. over the years, phrases change and people adapt to the language around them. maybe both are wrong. maybe the correct way to say it is all of suddenly...we will never know. so dont go walking around calling people uneducated and correcting people about the way they talk unless ur the one that created the phrase...and then if you are the one that created the phrase, make sure noone else has said something similar, because then more drama will be made over something dumb, such as who is saying a stupid idiom correctly.

so please people, get off ur high horse and get ur heads outta the clouds...get a life.

oh and someone can email me about the topic..this really angered me. and im willing to debate.