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I'm not a linguist, not even a native speaker of the language, but it seems to me that the reason "let's meet 4 o'clock" is acceptable and not "let's meet 4" can be sorted out at a simple semantic level of interpretation (or am I being too plain?) I reckon the former does not lend itself to ambiguity, while the latter might.

salgalador October 2, 2008, 4:37am

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Hello everybody! I have just come across this site searching for some grounds for "in actuality". I did, thank you very much, and as I can't help myself, I am now having a peep around.
As a non-native speaker of English, born and bred in a country where it is only a foreign language, I must say I keep finding apparent dead-ends (not to mention my own students' awe and dread more often than not, but that's another story).
Further, most 'knowledgeable' people I know (i.e. teachers of English) won't notice a difference between, for example, INexperienced and UNexperienced. I'm most usually pulled in two directions in such cases: should I just let them be (who am I after all) and go on with their lives on mostly successful communicative interaction levels? Or should I be the pedant to always frown, take a deep breath, and play uncalled-for Mrs. Unblemished?
Well, just that. Basically, thanks for whetever you do, and the read!

salgalador October 2, 2008, 4:24am

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