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It may not be incorrect, but it smacks too much of jargon and objectivation.

Bob is Bob, he is a person. Why not say: "Bob will be responsible for documentation on this project."?

Space After Period

  • June 15, 2008, 4:02pm

I was taught to type on a real type-writer and nothing was ever said about double spaces after a full stop. Any possibility this is an Anglo (or even American?) idiosyncracy and that's why this Euro never heard of it? Or are the Dutch the only people in the world not to use two spaces?

I'm curious. The topic porsche linked to mentions other uses of full stops in sentences that could confuse the reader. Can someone explain? I can only think of abbreviations and ends of sentences and it should be pretty easy to discern between the full stop at the end of a sentence - as you will just have read a complete sentence and the first word of the next sentence will start with a capital - and a full stop to indicate an abbreviation - after which the sentence will continue.