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While this thread has gone on for years now (Yearses?) why not keep it going? Yes people say ATM Machine; but they are wrong. How do I know they're wrong? Because I say so.

I have a magazine from either "RUN", "Compute!", or "Byte" from the early '80s in a box in my garage somewhere that discuses mouses. The box is easy to find since it's labeled "Commodore-64". It specifically states that mouse is an acronym. I don't care what the inventor says. He's wrong too! How do I know? See previous paragraph.

But aren't acronyms capitalized? (With the exection of special acronyms: scuba, radar, I'm sure there are dozens more) I think mouse is the most special of acronyms, just like YAHOO. Can you look up an acronym on an acronym? Hmmm.

I have always called them mouses.

jimmy May 21, 2008, 2:22am

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