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What is the word for intentionally incorrect spelling?

Invented spelling CHRAIN for *train
not always intentionally incorrect
Phonetic Spelling KUM for *come
Plausible Spelling ACOMODATE for *accommodate
Reformed Spelling: ACOMMODATE for *accommodate
Poetic spelling TYGR for *tiger
Variant spelling THRU for *through, THO, ENUF
Spelling Manipulation PHISH for *fish
Texting (abbreviation) GR8 for *great
Neologism (attempted) BYTE
Archaic Spellings: YE OLDE for *the old, AULD
Ye or þe is an approximation of the old AS letter "thorn"

A variant spelling is in the dictionary so it is not
"incorrect" In fact over half of the 300 respellings recommended by Pres. Roosevelt and the SSB were variant spellings. They were just not the most popular correct spelling.

The approval of the USGPO style guide was never an executive order. Congress refused to pay for documents containing spellings that were not in the dictionary. Most of them were in Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary so altho Roosevelt withdrew his support after the editorials in the Hearst controlled papers, I am not sure how much this altered the USGPO house style.

It did have a major impact on spelling reform and usage.
Most of the 30,000 teachers and educators who had agreed to use the more phonetic spellings reneged.

There are about 2000 variant spellings in English dictionaries. thru is a variant spelling of through. It is not considered to be the preferred spelling altho it probably should be since it is shorter, more phonemic, and easier to spell. (see

*lite for light, popular in beer commercials, was a variant spelling before 1755 and it is probably still a recognized variant in some dictionaries.

It is not used that much outside of the ad world and SMS texting. You can check the web freqeuncy at

More on spelling in general at

sbett April 7, 2008, 8:45am

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