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Anonymous, interesting to see you're so unequivocal about what's 'right' and so convinced that others 'should know better'! But we won't go back to some controversy from the 1960s about whether linguists should 'describe' or 'prescribe'.

It's so true that the spelling rules say if 'y' is a full vowel (eg 'daisy') it will change to '-ies'; but if it's a semi-vowel (ie after another vowel, like in 'day') it adds an -s.

Just - even old prescriptive style guides and grammar books say family names are different! I've got one here from 1903 that says you just add an '-s'. Have you seriously ever seen anyone write or teach 'Kennedies' or 'the Bradies'?

jamesj06 October 24, 2007, 11:22pm

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