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I' ve spent a good chunk of my life in Japan, and generally agree with what dyske is saying, though it's not all that easy to explain. As a parent here, though, I can say that kids are in fact scolded for speaking in a vulgar manner. Responsible adults avoid using this language, in front of the kids or otherwise. Less responsible adults, including professional comedians, will use it whenever, without apology. In general, though, kids in Japan are much less sheltered from what many in the West view as "adult" topics.

Basically, there are vulgar words, but Japanese are a bit more relaxed about their usage.

In English, the prohibition of words such as "ass", is very arbitrary, I agree. It all depends on the reaction they bring, and banning words certainly increases the force of that reaction.

ghoti February 14, 2007, 6:07pm

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Wonderful question, and something I have thought about before. I decided to stick by my mouses, prevailing opinion be damned.

Mice is plural for the furry little rodents. But I suspect that irregular plurals do generally become regular when the word changes meaning.

"Mice" just doesn't sit well with me, but I have to admit it's simply a style choice.

ghoti February 7, 2007, 4:11pm

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