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It has come to me through my teachings that the word Jedi, was in fact translated in Hebrew as having the meaning: "beloved by God". Now, that is obviously not the case, as Yadai has that translation. Now, given that the J was transcribed in English, well that to me would make all the sense in the world, but who knows these things when you are not in the mind of George Lucas?

A O, you are partially right about the budhism reference in your post. Jedi are actually a mixture of the Shaolin Monk, Samurai fighter, Medieval Knight among other things. For the official article/interview with George Lucas, take a look at Its in the Smart FAQ section. Pretty interesting reads there. As it were, light and dark elements not only apply to buddhist principles, but in fact to EVERY major religion and spiritual following in the world. In Christianity its God and Satan just as an example. As a Christian, I am VERY familiar with this struggle.

So, back to my point, and back to this discussion: Where on Earth did anyone come up with the Hebrew translation of Jedi meaning: Beloved by God?

rachat December 1, 2006, 3:46pm

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