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Absolutely hilarious debate!! I think we have a collision of the old and the new. All those old farts of the world who were taught how to type at a "secretarial college" and were happy in the world of the "typing pool" and "jumpers for goalposts" will say that two is what you need to use. But these are the same people that don't like to talk about the war and still have a problem with Japanese products. The past is two, the future is one. I am with the future and it's one for me everytime. Oh and I have worked in PR and marketing for 20 years, so should be a bit of a Tufton Bufton myself!! I still work for a Chief Executive that goes through every document I produce and inserts another space after every full stop. Except, he is such a dick, that he has never realised that I have never put an extra space in. At what point do I tell him he is wasting his time?? LMAO

As long as we keep putting old farts in charge of businesses, this kind of crap will continue, but isn't it fun?? LOL

grdagg March 5, 2006, 11:50pm

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