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Hyphen, N-dash, M-dash

  • October 6, 2005, 12:02pm

What about using a dash of some sort in a title instead of a colon. Which would it be? My PC wants to change the hyphen I have been using to an n-dash, but I want it to stay a hyphen (I think).

An M dash would be inappropriate. The idea is to convey that the specific subsection is a subordinate part of the section, but seems to need to include the section words becasue all sections in the document have the same series of subsections, and need to avoid confusion. An example:

Section title:
Airframe & Engine Analyzer Menu

Subsection titles:
Airframe & Engine Analyzer Menu - User Input Fields

Airframe & Engine Analyzer Menu - Frame Navigation

Airframe & Engine Analyzer Menu - Page Navigation