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I have spoken with many writing professors about spell-check being the root of all evil. The fact is that most people that use a computer with a spell check (esp. MS Word) are completely satisfied when they have no words that are misspelled after they finish writing. Because of this false sense of security at having no misspelled words, they assume don't bother to proof read and end up making more mistakes like:

1. They write sentences that are not clear and don't know it because they didn't bother to read them.

2. Spell check automatically fixes their misspelled words, but does so incorrectly. This results in the wrong word being in the writing but nothing being misspelled. This can be worse than a spelling error.

Both of these problems (#1 in particular) have made the art of diction all but vanish in contemporary, non-professional writing.

- Adam

adam September 29, 2005, 11:00am

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