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some people here seem to be confused between "de-", "un-" and "ab-" ..

"de-" meaning "to remove" - descale, desensitize
"un-" meaning "not" - unnatural, unreal
"ab-" meaning "away from" - abduct, abnormal

absolute means "away from the solution" i.e not mixed or blended .. i.e pure

abuse means "away from use" i.e the thing you abuse has no defined use .. i.e it is not to be used.
misuse means "incorrect use" i.e used for a function it is not designed for, or used in an incorrect manner ..

this it is child ABUSE not child MISUSE ..

about is not an example .. if it meant "not out" then why not just say "in" :P .. but even if you went down the hard route it would more naturally be "unout" rather than "about" ..


british October 24, 2004, 12:11pm

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