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The use of the apostrophe is for two main purposes: to show possession and to show contraction. It has become commonplace to use do's instead of dos because people insist it won't be understood. As someone mentioned, it could be confused with the Spanish two (dos) or Microsoft's pre-Windows (DOS). Yet, there is no real foundation in this fear. Context will dictate the meaning. Saying, "Yes, I will read the book you read" doesn't cause confusion.

Don't's is absurd. Do's has become an acceptable standard due to being consistently spelled wrong. Dos and don'ts is the traditional standard.

A's, B's, C's is wrong. So is 1's 2's, 3's. Or 40's (for age group) and 80's (for decade). It's As, Bs, Cs. It's ones, twos, threes (spell out numbers under 10), 20s (age groups, dollar bills), and '80s is correct for 1980s (also with no apostrope s). The apostrophe in '80s shows the missing 19 in 1980s.

This isn't an opinion I've made from seeing it on TV, in newspapers or in ads. It's stated as an editor who has a B.A. in English, magna cum laude. I'm not bragging, but stating my experience in hopes it helps.

Angie March 6, 2011, 5:57pm

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