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I liked that Goofy used the OED example of "gifting" land in the 17th century. It seems ridiculous to me to hear "gift" as a verb now, and I am shocked and appalled that we may hear it more often, but I wonder if the word (like "deed") used to mean something like, "gave of one's own volition, with no expectation of repayment." (i.e. "I 'gifted' Goofy the pencil" v. "After Jane lent me a pencil, I 'gave' Goofy the pencil and demanded that Goofy pay Jane ten cents.") It would be interesting to see what legal definitions of "gift" are, and I'd love to know whether the tech companies who "gift" games use "gift" because of legal reasons! (Separately, "conversate" is funny! It reminds me of a time I overheard someone say, "I'm so sleep DEPRIVATED!" It's a great word and I use it all the time: I "gift" it to you all in return for a fun read here...! ;)

Laura March 6, 2011, 1:13pm

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