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I understand this sentence is not the best example, but my point is how to deal with repeated prepositions of noun objects with a preposition-having-verb.

For example: in using DEMAND A OF B
let's suppose A include multiple nouns connected by OF
then, in details the phrase will look like
DEMAND A[something OF something] OF B

Adding complication, let's suppose B is also multiple-noun object including OF.
Then, the phrase will look like

DEMAND A[something of something] OF B[something of something]
, which will finally look like

DEMAND something OF something OF something OF something

so, how do you deal with this to mean DEMAND A OF B?

There can be many other similar cases.
For example, "put A in B" can all become as follows

PUT someting in something IN something in something

johnkoh July 30, 2009, 2:34pm

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