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Newfoundland Expression

December 7, 2004

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lol.. If you'd like any recipes, just let me know!

lynn December 15, 2004, 5:39am

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Hi Speedwell, thanks for your reply and the origin of Jiggs!

Jiggs Dinner is a little different from the New England Boiled version. In Newfoundland it's not served with horseradish and the beef is just salt preserved, no vinegar or spices. As well, the peas (or pease) pudding is also served with the meal. Quite often too you will find the meal served with "duff" (boiled pudding that comes as figgy duff, blueberry duff, or molasses duff - the duff being cooked in a bag in the same pot as everything else.)

Pease pudding in Newfoundland is dried yellow spit peas cooked in the pot with the Jiggs dinner. The dried peas are put into a small cotton bag and tied tightly with string (in case you don't have a pudding bag a bit of clean white pillowcase can be used, or in dire times, a clean white sock). It is put in the water with the salt meat, vegetables, etc. and left to cook. It comes out creamy, smooth, and with the wonderful flavor of the salt meat and vegetables.

I think you are correct about the rhyme. Pease pudding can be made in large quantities and eaten as left overs, hot or cold.

lynn December 14, 2004, 6:57am

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