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Christophe Gregoire

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In the English language in the United States, collective nouns are singular with multiple parts. For instance, the Miami Heat is a basketball team. In the preceding sentence, the pronoun and the antecedent must agree, to wit: Heat and team must agree. Commentators are constantly saying that the Heat are going to the Eastern Conference finals. He is referencing the individuals on the team but if you refer to the team as a unit, a singular verb should be used. Another thing that these college graduates use is the reference to something being the "exact same". If it is the same, it is exact and vice versa English teachers that happen to be coaches may be a little tolerant but the classic English teacher is having a fit listening to this misuse of adjectives and the little children are listening. Stop it already!!!!!!

Christophe Gregoire May 14, 2014, 6:03pm

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