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May 8, 2014

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Different than

  • May 8, 2014, 9:20am

"Different than" has recently been bugging me. I do not know why this suddenly cropped up in my mind as something else to be annoyed about!

Every time I hear "Different than" in someone's speech, I quietly replace it in my mind with "Different from," and it always sounds better.

I discovered this site "Pain in the English" while Googling this "different from/than," issue—and now I've joined it!!

I'd like to see more comments on this. When I searched Different from or Different than, nothing came up. Then I looked up "Different than" and it got me here.

Couldn’t Care Less

  • May 8, 2014, 9:09am

Age 73, me, here—I'm sure that "I couldn't care less." was the only expression around in the (my) olden days.

Somewhere, and I have no idea when, I found mySELF saying "I could care less." and noticed that others were saying it, too. I thought it sounded more "cool" in way to say "I could care less," but ever since I noticed that it doesn't mean "I couldn't care less.", it has annoyed me.

I will never be able to accept, "She graduated high school." NEVER!

Born in 1941, I grew up hearing "graduated from high school." I think "was graduated from high school" was still in use but was fading out.

As I was pondering, once again, this obnoxious change from "graduated from high school" to "graduated high school," I did realize that "was graduated from high school" (thanks "Jane") was probably the original way of saying it.

P.S. I just discovered this "Pain in the English" site. Yay!!