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@Warsaw Will- I am surprised at your response. I had tried to give an example of the use of "societal". Perhaps if I had said: "the societal indoctrination of people in China", you would have ignored it. But you seem not concerned at the language aspect. You say that you "would prefer to keep this a politics-free zone", but your whole post is about politics. Your post is a mixture of criticism, hypocracy and sarcasm. It is not the sort of thing one wants on a language forum. But I guess you will continue, willy nilly, knowing that you are always right, to attack people who even suggest something you do not like. Perhaps even if I had said: "societal indoctrination of people in China", you would have attacked. I would suggest you go to a politics forum, and leave people interested in language alone, but you probably go to many forums, where you impose your rants.

Rocky April 15, 2014, 10:28am

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Many of the points made above are valid. I will add points that do not seem to have been made.

Social means to do with people. So, social gatherings. Societal means to do with one or more societies. So, the societal indoctrination of people in the EU.

Rocky April 14, 2014, 5:54pm

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