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Big Horn Kid

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If they wanted to the US Postal Service could adjust their data base to show street addresses that do NOT receive mail delivery. I'm sure, if implimented, such a system would eliminate the aggravation expressed by many of those who have posted here. The problem is doing this would take money and Congress, specifically the Tea Party morons in the House, will not be happy until taxes, fundings and regulations are cut to the point that the USA starts getting foreign aid from El Salvador. I, also, do not receive home delivery of my mail. Everyone in my town must pay for a post office box if they want to receive mail. Someone mentioned Best Buy as one company that uses the Postal Service data base and so will not sell to people having street addresses which this data base does not verify. You can add AT&T Wireless to the same "list." The website of AT&T Wireless accepted my order for an Apple iPhone and emailed me a confirmation of my purchase. Two minutes later I received an email stating my order had been canceled because my street address could not be verified. I then placed the same order with Verizon Wireless and my iPhone was delivered, to my home, about a week later. Apparently, the Postal Service has a program which allows you to use the street address of the post office where your box is at. Someone using this system would have an address like this:

John Doe
123 Smith St., #567
Anytown, NY 12345-0567

Supposedly, the clerk at the receiving post office WILL accept packages from UPS and Fedex as long as the packages, and their contents, conform to postal regulations (under 70 lbs., no alcohol, within size limits, etc.). See:

The problem is UPS and Fedex do not always deliver during the hours the Customer Service counter of a post office is open. My local post office's Customer Service counter is only open four hours a day (10 to 2, Mon.-Fri.).

Big Horn Kid March 1, 2014, 4:25pm

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