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Get over Freud and Jung. This conversation has been going on for centuries. Though, it's been framed using slightly different terminology through perception and awareness.

Personally, I've understood consciousness as spectrum of degrees of awareness:

Your conscious is composed of what you are currently aware of.
For example: reading these words.

Your subconscious is whatever you are not currently aware of, but have the ability to become aware of.
For example: memories, dreams, your phone number, language not in use, etc...

Unconsciousness is whatever you do not have the ability to become aware of.

I guess, if I were breaking it down, I'd take "conscious" to mean "skill of perception." This would make "sub-concious" mean something like "less skilled perception," and "unconscious" to mean "no skill of perception."

rs October 14, 2013, 12:56pm

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