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Proofreading Service - Pain in the English

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24-Hour Proofreading Service—We proofread your Google Docs or Microsoft Word files. We hate grammatical errors with a passion. Learn More

Proofreading Service - Pain in the English
Proofreading Service - Pain in the English

Your Pain Is Our Pleasure

24-Hour Proofreading Service—We proofread your Google Docs or Microsoft Word files. We hate grammatical errors with a passion. Learn More



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@Warsaw Will and judith, I guess that takes away any quarreling people may have about the date format. :)

Judith, I am not sure. My gut tells me it's February 10-16, 2014 instead of adding "th." I have a feeling it would be written "February 10-16, 2014" or "February 10th-16th of 2014."

Warsaw Will, I don't really have much in the way of a comment on your post but it does seem that there are many local "standards" for date formats. I always check to see how the form (paper or web) labels the date labels and I just follow what it says for M/D/Y or D/M/Y, etc. If there is no label like sometimes happens on paper forms I just use the American standard of M/D/Y.

I always grew up knowing that you write the date like July 23, 2011 instead of July 23rd, 2011. But that may just be a local custom. I really don't know. And it appears that colleges and universities all across the USA vary on which style they prefer for papers. Some only accept MLS some only accept APA. I know Columbus State Community College (back in 2003) when I went there they used MLS but I have since heard they switched to APA but don't quote me on that. If I remember right DeVry Univeristy (I went in 2002) uses APA as does the University of Phoenix (I attended online in 2012). I do wonder if American colleges and Universities are more and more using the APA format. The only thing I know is that I am just not able to handle the stress of college. Not even 2 classes per term. I have bipolar disorder and along with that I get pschotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, severe anxiety and at times paranoia if the stress is prolonged. I experienced some of that last year when I tried to go back to college doing online classes. I only lasted 2 semesters. And I was never really all that keen on learning proper grammar. In fact I hated grammar in school. I still don't even know the meaning of a pronoun or adjective. I know they are grammar-related and it's a name of a functional word that somehow relates to other words but really I have no idea what they are. If I remember correctly a pronoun is like the proper name of a person or brand or something, like Microsoft, Apple, Canada Dry, Cindy, etc. An adjective I think is a decsriptor word like "blue" sky. But I haven't been in high school for 11 years now. And I've got plenty of prematurely gray hairs to prove it! haha Ok enough rambling. My comment here probably hasn't helped anybody here with the original question. I'm sorry about that. Have a wonderful day! Time for sleepy-time.

Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe someone else knows. I just googled it and nothing of value came up. Nothing with "august 1 card" or "august 1st card" came up, only stuff for something posted on Fox sports on August 1st regarding "Shogun versus Sonnen fight card".

Hi Warsaw Will. I have no problem with anybody wanting to say/write the date as they wish. We are all different and grew up in different places where the norm of the area is just that - the norm of the area. :) I had come across this site mostly by accident. I searched for something on google trying to find out if the "st" in 31st is superscript or subscript but I couldn't remember that term. My brain doesn't work well anymore due to a medication I am on so I tried to google it. :( I just asked mom what that's called and she told me superscript and subscript which I now remember. *sigh* But anyway. I read some of this page and noticed the debate on date formatting. I thought I'd comment with my own experience. If my first comment sounded angry or if it sounded as an attempt to be authoritative that is not how I intended it.

Yep "You say tomatoes and I say tomatoes, etc." I just find it so interesting how people from around the globe have different ideas on how it should be written or said. But it's like anything else I guess when it comes to language. Nothing is set in stone and language is always evolving (for better or for worse). Thank you for your input. :)

I still don't understand why so many people write the date as 31/12/2013 versus our (American) normal way of writing it as 12/31/2013. If we are going to write December 31, 2013 why not keep the date that way as in numerical values? I sill don't understand why others say 31 December, 2013 when really the month is initial focus of any date then the day and year. Without the month first you don't know which month the day of the month is in. Logically the Month should come first, then the day and then the year. Unless you are a person always looking at historical facts and dates then to me it would seem logical to use the year, then month then day as in the ISO format.

December thirty first two thousand twelve is how we say the date out loud. Which of course is the 31st of December but to put the day before the month is illogical.

Day/Month/Year doesn't make sense to me and I don't think it ever will. Year/Month/Day seems much more logical.