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Neither the phrase "in the order it was received," or "in the order that/which it was received" is grammatically correct. The only correct way to say what you mean is "in the order IN which it was received." Your call is IN an order, or a line, if you will. It will be answered by someone IN a certain order, and that order is the one IN WHICH it was received. See how both "in's" are needed as prepositions? The word "which" is necessary to specify the particular order to which you refer. You could also say "IN the order IN which it was made." If you're standing in a line, you will be called IN the order IN WHICH you are standing. The active/passive issue is irrelevant. You would still have to say "we will answer your call IN the order IN which we received it" to be correct. The point is that both "IN" prepositions are needed, as they refer to two different relationships.

DL June 10, 2013, 8:08am

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