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So I got to thinking about the way I talk--which is the way my parents speak along with the rest of my kin. My whole life has been right here in Virginia. Other than great grandparents coming from North Carolina, my DNA has been virtually between the two states for the last couple hundred years. That said, countless times people have asked me if I was from Canada. I say things like, 'git ēēm!' 'Git oat the hoase, nayah!' 'We don't talk aboat that situation.' 'There 's a moase in the hoase.' 'Nīne-teen' 'were going to the hoss races.' 'Oh lawd have mer-say.'
What's more interesting (in the great state of VA) is the dialect from just an hour away from each other. I don't say it as much as I did (I guess growing up with parents who talked that way) but sometimes it's just 'there' outta nowhere and my kids or somebody will crack on me and ask me to repeat what I just said.
Just found it interesting that others have made comments about the annunciations as well :).