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Oh and Spence, it's hillbilly, And if you don't know when to use the word "hey", just don't use it. You aren't one of us. And we aren't sorry about that.

Well, Spence, as you mentioned it was the 60's. And there was plenty of lame tv out there. But you kind of got me riled up with the stings to Appalacia. They (the Irish and the Scots) settled in the remote mountains to be left alone. Had enough of the English telling them how to do and when to do it.

They faced disease, famine and loss of life to come to America where they assumed they would be free. But the English were back, over HERE.

The Battle of Kings Mountain was the turning point in the war. The mountain boys traveled from all over and vanquished the British. The North got their gumption back and the English retreated.

And although this has nothing to do with the word "hey", neither did most of your comments. I am proud of my southern heritage and the fact that we speak English with an American accent rather than a British one thanks to my ancestors. And Yes, they were there.

So say hey to all the people in your family who helped found this country since the 1600's.

And heaven forbid you don't have any rednecks at family reunions that you attend. I feel sorry for you. We rednecks can be so ornry.

As a Southerner from NC, I find most of these comments ignorant. Hey is used in place of hello or to get someone's attention when you see them in person. I say hello when I answer my phone. And it isn't Swedish, at least not here. North Carolina was settled by Scots, Irish and Germans. The Swedes didn't have anything to do with how we speak.
So hey and yall is a part of my heritage and I am proud of it. Don't care where it came from,don't care if you don't like it.
I wish yall had picked up "yoos guys" instead and left hey, shrimp and grits and red velvet cake to the people of the South.