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subconscious vs unconscious

  • April 22, 2013, 11:18pm

I am a CCHT and have had nearly 15 years of study and experience on this. All I really know for certain is that if a person falls asleep during a session it may or may not help at all because their minds have turned off to the point of being unconscious to suggestion. Unconscious is litteraly at a state they are OUT! Unreceptive. They are in the Delta state. They can be in the subsconcious state and still function and that would be Alpha or Theta. But not the unconscious Delta. Beta is waking consciousness, Alpha is deep relaxation, midway between wakefulness and sleep, Theta, is a light sleep but still in awarensss, Delta, deep dreamless sleep in other words, in an unconscious state of mind. It is never good to talk about someone while they are sleeping because you do not know the state on mind they are in and could inadvertlay make negetive suggestions that they beleive about themselves.