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I'm inclined to agree with Frogwhisperer as to Ulrich's construction. The use of "and yet" is not in itself jarring. But the use of "nonetheless," "despite," "and yet," and "in spite" in quick succession makes it impossible to follow the chain of logic that is being explained. Each such phrase expresses a change in the flow of thought, so four of them in two sentences makes it seem you simply haven't decided which of the various thoughts you're expressing is the most important one. Other notes: "become momentous" seems to be a malapropism for "gain momentum"; "dichotomous relationship" seems to be a confusing way to say "dichotomy"; I don't like "selfsame" either; and it's not clear what "concurrently" refers to. This sort of academic verbiage is not so easy to tackle even for native speakers.

Antney March 30, 2013, 2:50am

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