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March 26, 2013

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This seems like fun but I doubt its usefulness in steganography - for one there's no way to reliably locate the hidden information. Not unless you know what you're looking for. That however defeats the entire purpose since you already know what you're trying to find.

One way would be to encode the information of the position of the Onamograph in the first few words of the sentence. For example:

How could you say that? I've been adjusting my priorities to meet your demands. Until death do us part - that's the promise we made when we walked down that aisle, but I'm not a zombie bereft of feelings that you can treat me like this. I want a divorce.

The first two words are "how" and "could". So we consider the letters "h" (the 8th letter) and "c" (the 3rd letter). Hence the first Onamograph start in the 8th word, 3rd letter. of the paragraph. It is "ad - justin - g".

The clue to the second Onamograph begins in the next sentence - "Until death". That's the 21st word, 4th letter. See it? It's "zom - bie ber - eft". The name is Justin Bieber. Now you may kill him.