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Pots and Kettles

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It is hypocritical to deride text used in advertising (a context that is renowned for breaking rules in order to attract attention) when you cannot spell in an online post in which you are trying to express your frustration with badly formed text and rally like-minded thinkers to your cause.

It would be appropriate for anyone who does over-use full-stops to respond to your indignation with "Your underwear isn't all that clean at the end of the day either!" Marlo may have only noticed a fraction of your literacy errors but pointing out your hypocrisy was appropriate. Your derision for him just demonstrates you cannot receive the criticism you are so enthusiastically dishing out.

For someone who endorses, "Try spell check" you should take your own advice and learn to spell "elipsys", "sentances", "rediculous", "grammer" by the rules.

Of course, you could take the stand that you can spell these words any way you like. But that undermines your entire argument since by that logic people can punctuate any way they like.

Pots and Kettles February 19, 2013, 11:13am

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