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“It is what it is”

  • January 30, 2013, 8:02pm

Oh, almost forgot, the Lennon song "Scared" from the same album actually includes the line, "It is what it is." "You don't have to suffer/it is what it is …"

Can't believe 1983 is the first attributed use of this phrase. This album was from 1974.

Oh well, it is what it is.

“It is what it is”

  • January 29, 2013, 6:18pm

In the 1974 song "Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out," off the album "Walls & Bridges," John Lennon sang "What it is what it is."

Not sure the way he used it really mimics the "What it is" phrase and meaning noted at the top as an African-American slang of the 1960s. Seems to lean more toward the "it is what it is" so popular today, which one website attributes to an Austrian poet in 1983.