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"Tailorable" is in common use among people who develop process documentation. It has come to mean something very specific. A tailorable process is one that a user is allowed to adjust to fit their specific activity. It is not an accident that the word "tailor" has been adapted for this purpose. Just as an article of clothing has specific "tailorable" features, e.g. cuffs, waist, a "tailorable" document can't be change in arbitrary ways. The features that are adjustable are generally specified explicitly.
Typically, these features allow for adjusting the degree of rigor in process steps, but not for skipping steps completely. The rationale for building in "tailorable" features into a process is that the process rigor that may save money by reducing risk may, under other circumstances, cost money by being overkill.
The introduction of a specific phrase, "tailoring", allows rational people to make rational decisions without undermining the authority of the original. Use of a more general phrase like "alter" or "adapt" would tend to lose that connotation.

Robbo November 27, 2012, 7:09am

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