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Destiny Mystique

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To those of you who think otherwise, proper language usage is still taught in school. The word "text" is a base word, a verb, and is used in future tense. Ex: She will TEXT me later. As we all should have learned in our English class, when you have present tense of a verb you add "-ing" Ex: I am TEXT-ing her now. When you have past tense of a verb you add "-ed" Ex: She TEXT-ed (pronounced tex- ted) me last night. One would not say she test very well on her final exam. Why? Because that is incorrect. One WOULD say she test-ED (pronounced tes- ted) very well on her final exam. Two syllable words are not new to the English language, but new words are added more often than not and if they are unable to follow the basic rules of grammar, why are they added?

Destiny Mystique October 21, 2012, 7:38pm

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