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October 20, 2012

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I am interested in words. I enjoy coining words and phrases.My current coined word is crimster.This is the smallest type of criminal possible.To be a crimster you may have done any of the following things and/or many other minuscule petty crimes.
1.Parked in a handicapped space w/out proper permit.
2.Left a store w/anything worth less than $1.99 because there was a long line and you were in a hurry or you are simply impatient.You rationalise you will pay next time but never do because it would be awkward.
3.You pretend to pick up your dog's poop but you really leave it there.
4.You deliberately keep a pen you borrowed at the doctor's office. etc.etc.
I am an avid reader. Currently reading a book of Emily Dickinson poems and letters.This has led me to use a dictionary quite often.I also found this site while searching for meaning.
~(-_-)~ I enjoy coming up with new complex smiley faces.

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Hello learned ones.It is always nice to come here to see that there are people keeping grammar and English alive.And may I say,I can't wait to start using semicolons again:I can't wait to start using semicolons again. Is that at all correct? In any case, when you have been out surfing the inter-webs for a long time,it's just nice to come here and see nice,good,crispy,clean English. Thank you,Mona

“and yet”

  • March 29, 2013, 12:46pm

As far as the "And yet" question.I don't think it is incorrect but it may be unnecessary.I have recently been reading about how to write.It seems many writers recommend paring down any unnecessary words.Words that don't add any meaning. I see you previously used the word Nonetheless.This word may also be unnecessary.If you write the sentence w/out these words they still express the same meaning.In certain schools of thought they would be considered fluff. Although, you then have a sentence starting with "despite" and the next sentence starting with "in spite" which starts to sound redundant.So it becomes a bit of a quandary.I hope that someone else here may help out with further input,or comment on my input.Please remember I am not an expert.I am an avid reader

“and yet”

  • March 29, 2013, 12:12pm

No there were not two men..but you are getting there.

“and yet”

  • March 28, 2013, 11:27pm

Hi there from Florida USA, I came across the "and yet" issue where I found your interesting post.I came here to tell an old riddle that a friend and I have had fun with for 20 years.Though first,as far as your Question..native speaker? I'm not sure exactly what you mean.If you mean American( i am not a writer,I do read a lot) I can offer: This "thinking has not become momentous so far." It seems a little awkward,maybe use less words? The word "selfsame" is not something that I personally hear often and I found it confusing.The word realms actually sounds Victorian,fairieis and . Maybe you could use a less flowery word..Please remember this is just MY opinion and I am not qualified to comment..I just happen to have the time..ok? .I thought it was otherwise very well written and interesting information.I would really enjoy being able to read your thesis when it is complete? I am very curious to know wtf the Euopean human -animal paradigm is? NOW the riddle :)..."The man walked over the bridge and yet,he ran." Perhaps you know the answer? It took me a long time but I catch on slow.Can anyone answer the original "and yet" riddle?
Thank you

“... and I” vs. "... and me"

  • October 22, 2012, 1:09pm

Thank you for your answer and correction to your answer. This takes me back to my childhood when my mother continually corrected me. "Pammie and me are going to play." "No dear, you must say Pammie and I." "Okay mom" I said. Now awaiting corrections ;)

WOW, I am glad and happy too;that I was late for this discussion. Full stop happy.

“... and I” vs. "... and me"

  • October 20, 2012, 12:02pm

I am a new member and I ,me and myself are wondering if I have gotten in over my noggin.Would someone here be kind enough to correct the Presidents phrase if it is not correct? Please dumb it down for me? Thank you.