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“... and I” vs. "... and me"

  • October 18, 2012, 10:24am


There was nothing about race until you brought it up. The author of the original post even said that the president is a brilliant man and asked if that is a trend in English, even for those brilliant people.

The question is based more English grammar and syntax with "me" being the objective case and "I" being the subjective case. In the example sentence, "He" is the subject of the sentence and "Michelle and I" are used in the objective place so the rules of English grammar dictact that "me" would be the proper first person pronoun to be used. Now with race out of the equation, the original question still stands.

It would seem that 1st person pronouns get switched all the time but I could not say whether or not that would allow for it to be proper grammar though. Great question.