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October 12, 2012

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  • October 12, 2012, 3:36am

I find it interesting that a Question that has plagued me for years has also intrigued others. As a child in school ( in the U.S.) my first recollection of who I was and where I was from was American. Later. American from the United States of America. Troubled me not till I was older and found out the history books I was taught from not only contained inaccuracys but outright fabrications. The older and hopefully wiser you get in the US you realize the prejudices, the race segregations and the diversity of the people in general , ( and of course Lazy-ness as earliar put forward have all contributed to the people IE; White European decendents laying sole claim to the name American, in the beggining of this country's history. Even more interesting is the use of American .Iin the South of the U.S. . Some, not all were brought up On tails and storys of the Civil war passed down, and in an act of defiance .see themselves as citizens of The Confederate States of America. The use of the term American squarely puts them in this country but they never have to refer to themselves by ther hated Yankee name for the country United States.
Well, in this melting pot of a country , in the 21st century as the calender we use says it is. and in the 60th year of my life, I am tired of trying to tell beer swilling bigots and die hard religeous freeks and the rest of the chest thumping idiots who think in there tiny minds the rest of the world should revere an American, that because of
a German Cartographer who lived over five hundred years ago that everyone born in this Hemisphere has a sudo Italian name. I just tell anyone that asks ( usually custom agents) I am a U.S. citizen. and if asked "Where's that? I will tell them cheerfully and without being condecending. Even though this country is challenging to live in because of the wittingly or un-whitting ignorance of so many of it's citizens (including me), the forfathers of the government set up rules to live by, (The Constitution), that weather the knew it or not would allow all the peoples and ideologys to coexist together. It is always under assault by those that wish to do away with all but there own kind. It has withstood the assault for over 200yrs it may fall in time as all things do , but I hope not. Freedom to express your thoughts without government censorship is comforting. American, U.S. citizen, or whatever you wish to call yourself. it is your right! Peruvians, Bolivians,Brazillians, are beautiful names that roll off the tongue easily even English. United States citizen ,U,S citizen. A bit dry and not very sexy like American, but try to use them like a hate word like American has so often been, and the the person saying it sounds more funny than menacing. Kind of like using Librarian as a derogotory word. Just doesn.t work