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ok, i just want to say, frank35, you are telling me that because the company states some it's mandatory and we all have to do it? i'm sorry, are you f***ing serious dude. I don't care if the rest of the world uses it another way, don't tell me or anybody else how to say a word. If this were in the case of sheep where EVERYONE were of the same thought process except for a SMALL minority, then what you are saying would have credence, but keep in mind, while it may only be america, consider the population size of the US. That's no small minority, and if most people say the same damn thing then it's no issue, even if the company and the rest of the world disagrees. think of all the different uses of the english language throughout the world. People misuse and abuse words all the time. so get off your high horse and let people say the word how they want. Spelling nazi.

Also, legos legos legos legos, i love me some legos, legos are awesome, you want to play with my legoS, i just got some new legoS!!! XD

avert_from_the_norm October 4, 2012, 5:33pm

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