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In the main, the UK media uses upper and lower for proper nouns you can say (eg Nasa) and upper case for those you can't (eg RNLI). In print there's a second reason: typography and ease of reading. Capital letters are thought to slow reading down in body copy and are considered ugly in headlines (in UK newspapers only the initial word and proper nouns are capped). So it makes sense, where possible to use acronyms as upper and lower where possible because (a) that's how people say them and (b) they look better and are easier to read.

On the subject of using acronyms as an organisation intends: where does it end? Should we pronounce countries as they are referred to by nationals? I'm sure Paree for Paris won't catch on in English any more than the French are going to start saying London instead of Londres.

As long as everyone in a given community of interest understands the conventions, we all understand each other.

Stevie September 17, 2012, 11:42pm

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Glad retired English teacher is retired. A bit of work on apostrophes and use of italics required. See me after class. Yeses, as in buses.

Stevie September 17, 2012, 12:07am

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