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Seems pretty straight forward the writer made a mistake, it happens a lot with these helpful machines called computers which autocorrect, and if you type fast you could get one or two into your document. "Now recruiters like HER are increasingly looking..."
In your own Query the 'i' should be capitalized, "Query: Is the use of the word SHE correct?! there is also no need for the '!' nor is it accurate. The capitalization is a new phenomenon started since the internet became the medium of choice for communication, in the past it would be in quotation marks and NOT capitalized, as capitalization indicates SCREAMING AT SOMEONE in this forums, or emails. Perhaps underlining the word is an option if your concern is a possible confusion at reading time?

G.G September 19, 2016, 6:42am

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Even if some words are assimilated into english, they normally should retain the original accents, otherwise how (except in by context) would anyone know which is which? Adding the slant also helps a lot by indicating the last 'e' should be pronounced... For example, "I should resume writing my resumé"? The analogy with cafe and café doesn't hold, because in that case we are not trying to distinguish between 'coffee' and 'cafe' or 'café'?

G.G September 19, 2016, 6:29am

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