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look you guys....... you can consider yourself 1st american "born" generation but when speaking off americans in general is the immigrant that decided to never look back and make a live in america. they might not be the first to be born here but as law writes,the immigrant is and will always be 1st generation american. I'm a history teacher and let me just say that even if your not a born citizen they are still first generation. there generation counts it is because of them that you are here,there the first to live in america before you. but.......and yes, there is a but. to become officially first generation by title. the first generation must become a naturalize citizen of america. if it makes you that angry cause you wanted to be the first. then you oviesly don't respect your family. but angry or not they are the first generation americans. you are the first generation to be born here not the first to live here. its more complicated than must go to the library and study more if you want to know why this is. of course if it makes you that angry that your mother and father are first. in that case your going to be very disappointed. you can advise and say all you wan.. but law is law and that is the law that was written in america by our founding fathers who's parents were immigrants of european decent. at least they use to have some respect for there upbringing.... bottom line is hit the library and become smatter and gain more knowledge before you put down a whole generation in public just because your felling selfish. it is what it is by law and by get over it