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He and I, me and him

  • May 28, 2012, 10:16pm

In either case, We would then,Have to analyze The history of between the two.( UK ) U.S.
where as grammar has much to do with both History and geography,I am an American Myself currently living in Mainland china. I get these responses at times
Whether you are using contemporary,traditionally or Old English. We must understand the following and how or what may seem accurate.Who and Why factor.

Who claims that in either case were right? e.g Him and I, He and I, Me and and Him, etc.

While referring ( others ) before yourself may claim respect.......

How ever it may also include selfishness at the same time or claiming one to be more inferior.

These grammatical flaws are just the basics,When believing or studying the behavior of both sides and how to use it wisely,Thus in sure of this theory is how you perceive it.